- Dance!

Dance“The teaching of art is the only subject in his educational experience where a member of the future generation can be offered the chance to truly find himself as a unique person; because only here there are no ready made answers telling him what he ought to see, feel, think or in which way he ought to find self-realization.”
-Bruno Bettleheim

“The surprise of art lies not in shock but in wonder.”
-Eric Hawkins

“The dancer is fortunate indeed, for he has for his instrument the most eloquent and miraculous of all instruments, the human body.”
-Jose Limon

The goals of this workshop are to foster enjoyment of moving and dancing; to be aware of one’s individual body; to gain a sense of the history and importance of dance; to experience the interconnectedness of music and movement; to experiment with non-verbal expression of ideas and feelings through movement; and to understand that everyone is able to dance and choreograph.

“I didn’t know an artist could be a dancer.”

“I didn’t know stretching could make you feel free.”

“Thank you for coming to our school. I had lots of fun. Every night I stretch and then when some music comes on I dance to it. Sometimes I get out of bed when my sister has her music on in case I hear it. I have been dancing a lot. Also I have made up my own dances.” – Holly

Dance Workshop Image

Dance is an art that engages body, mind and spirit. Movement is life and to understand movement and enjoy it contributes to a higher quality of life. In this era students are much more sedentary than in the past with video games, computers and television. The overall goal is to encourage an appreciation of movement and self-expression through body awareness. The workshop stresses good posture, visualization, stretching, strength, co-ordination, concepts of choreography and improvisation.

Each workshop has standard activities but is also individualized to the character of the individual class. Teaching students from kindergarten to high school, I have developed a number of teaching tools and exercises that can work with a wide range of students from budding ballerinas to hockey players.

“Dear Lesley, thank you for teaching us that workshop. The day that you came I went home and stretched all day and all night. I didn’t even play on the weekend I was so busy stretching. I even turned my room into a stretch studio.
your friend, Owen”

“I went because my teacher Mrs. C said the whole class had to participate but I’m glad I went because it was awesome. At the end of the day I felt taller, I felt happier, I felt like I was in shape.”  – Travis

“The day was so much fun. It was one of the best days of my life. It was spectacular.” – Jess

“Our class was doing a dance workshop and it was all about how to move our bodies to the rhythm and beat. I felt so great and relaxed after the dance. It was so much fun the way we moved. I want to do it next year.”  – Tanner

About The Workshop

Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick has an extensive background in dance including training in ballet, jazz, Afro-Cuban, tap, East Indian, Balinese, Flamenco, Alexander Technique and healing movement. Many thanks to Len Gibson and Amelia Itcush amongst others.

She will introduce students to the basic components of dance: movement, direction, rhythm, and mood.

Preparation for Workshop

Please book your gymnasium for the workshops.
Please make available a table, chart paper and stand for the artist.
Students should wear comfortable attire and shoes.

Curriculum Expectations

The workshop meets expectations in the Drama and Dance section of the Ontario Arts Curriculum. A Study Guide accompanies the workshop.

Lesley can also be booked for adult classes that encourage good body mechanics and enjoyment of self-expression through movement.

Foundation for EducationMade possible through the Foundation for Enriching Education Perth-Huron.