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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Mother Earth Speaks @balancekeepers Facebook

Mother Earth Speaks is an artistic collaboration that seeks to imagine our planet’s voice and perspective through poetry, writing, photography and multimedia videos with the purpose of promoting sensitivity, awareness, compassion and positive change.

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  1. Terry Jones

    When I see the breadth of Maya’s interests and talents, each having a heart that beats for beauty,
    each having ultimately no purpose beyond a holistic love of it all.
    We see the same flame in “Three Day Road” as in Leonard’s Halleluia, or L. Walker’s crazy good photographs.
    Movement, sound, transcendent prose, or plain, the heart can be heard and felt. It is the light, the vibration,
    and the color of all of it that allows for the chance for joy, harmony, connecting, and then love, as the merging
    of the senses brings no conflict. A poet said: “This bright magic matters to is real”.
    Brent Titcomb’s album, “The healing of her heart” speaks of Maya’s Gaia, and ought seriously to be revisited.
    The aims of the collaboration are reasonable: imagine…and….add to the cosmically colossal and so endless sounds
    of the earth,and the arts, gifts all, stand without explanation, as a rich ocean skyfull of ways to extol the majesty of this place, our world…
    Deep thoughts from “Hey, that’s not funny” Jones. P.S. Horses were always Unicorns. You get me?

  2. Terry Jones

    I would not describe your lion story as run-of-the-mill.
    If we have all had sufficient time to dry our eyes from the clear hilarity of my understatement,
    we can look at the odd magnetism across time we have had with predator beasts. The power of their comprehension of dynamic,
    as in Lesley’s tale,is wonderful, that is, in the wonder of it. But humans have the same capacity for non-verbal dialogues,
    such as when on entering a room people can feel, from the group in the room, a wave of anger,or exultation,or dread,tragedy, and other human, (and animal)feelings, and all
    this often discerned with no body language,it is felt. The extent to which animals can do this, we often miss this, until you trustingly feed a brown
    bear a sausage with your mouth. Okay that’s just silly. Making friends with a polar bear can be fun, but you hardly run into anyone who has had terrific success with this.
    On reading the lion story, I saw it with the lovely lines supplying poetry for each panel, of a graphic novel.

  3. Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post.Thanks Again. Will read on

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