Poetry & Writings

ReflectionWords hold the power of individual and collective experience. They are heavy with layers of meaning and symbolism. I write as a witness to beauty on our planet, as a plea to protect the natural world and as a release for the distress I feel at injustice and violent conflict. I write as a hope for the growth of goodness, fairness and compassion.

I offer these ‘word spells’ to my gentle Maya Fair visitors. Wander with me in thought and emotion.

I plan to publish my ‘spell writings’.


Please select from the following categories:


Batty Cat – excerpts from a faery tale about cats based on real events. To be published.

One Bone – a poetic weaving from the experience of being attacked by an African lion.

Poetry – – poems and writings gathered from years and yesterday
  -Lyrics – ‘Angels Beat Your Wings Divine’ (Music Charlene Nafziger)