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Creative Time

The next few months will be dedicated to finishing ‘A Faery Cat Tale’, the next draft of ‘The Marvel of His Days’ and a number of photo images.

The Marvel of His Days

‘The Marvel of His Days’ is a play in development about poet John C. Walker who was mute and quadriplegic but was able to invent a unique method of communication. A sister’s deep relationship, respect and celebration.

Chapter One: During Culture Days 2011, the first beginning explorations of ‘The Marvel of His Days’ were explored and a 10 minute physical piece presented with Peggy Coffey directing, guiding and inspiring.

Chapter Two: during SpringWorks 2012 a 55 minute staged reading was performed at Factory163 to an enthusiastic audience. Peggy Coffey director extraordinaire.

Chapter Three: For Culture Days 2012, I gave a selected reading of some of John’s adult poetry which followed an emotional and creative journey in John’s words and thoughts.

Chapter Four: A possible collaboration with a Toronto theatre – stay tuned.

Click to see SpringWorks promotional card. Also see ‘Disarming Disability’ under Workshops on this website with video clip and link to a few of John’s poems.

The Marvel of His Days

FRANCE!!! Mais Oui!

from The Yellow Cafe in Arles, FranceJust back from a whirlwind visit to France with my mother, Jean. Paris, Lyon, Arles etc. Just a visual joy to see so much art on display in everyday life – makes North American cityscapes look so boring. Sculpture and great graphics and charm abound. Lyon is an amazing pedestrian city – cars are pushed to the side not people. Paris has some great bike lanes. Watch here for images from my lens, heart and mind as I sort through my exciting new collection of visual work. Mais Oui!

Photo is called ‘Staircase to Starry Night’ from The Yellow Cafe in Arles.

A Faerie Cat Tail Reading for Culture Days

Join me on Saturday, October 1st, 2011 for a reading from my Faerie Cat Tail… still a work in progress.
Suitable for all ages, all cat lovers, all who enjoy faery tales.
Factory 163
163 King St.

Elemental Series


These two images are part of the Elemental Series of photographs.