● Thoughts


Echoes of eternity ring loud for those with minds windswept.
Glimpses, fiery flashes of quicksilver energy…

To overcome the desire to sleep, to lie dormant
but awaken to rushing greens of a new and eternal spring.

The silent screams of unwitnessed beauty ravaged and through
the vision of a crystal teardrop comes the wisdom of Maya;
‘Know the beauty within the depths of your soul.’

My mind has seen the anger of the cyclone which explodes and
tears at man’s little grey ugly creations daring to sit upon the
sweeping majesty of the Earth.

And seen the dust pulled high in an ecstasy of worshipful
dance, thankful for the existence of such energy to give it life.

There are no shadows without light.

Tell the people…life is so much more…

It is silvery threads shimmering with stars woven in a majestic
cloth of souls. Love is the energy that binds.


Eyes, detail from drawing by Richard StodartTo feel outrage at the very existence of war you have to have a moral 
code that recognizes right from wrong.
Love and hate are not opposites. Hate is thwarted, denied, 
disappointed, pained, hurt, selfish, unrecognized, raging love. It is 
passion with a kind of intensity that passes for a glimpse of a 
higher energy. But it is twisted to the dark. “I will die in order to 
kill you.” Love grows towards the light. Beauty and grace walk there 
and a deeper joy – heart core light lifted with wings open wide and 
blissful energy filled.


What I am talking about is the kind of benevolence and magnificence 
of spirit that the human soul is capable of. These realms of serenity 
and powerful swells of energy are not achieved without a struggling 
quest for understanding and I guess acceptance. But not blind 
acceptance, acceptance of an open heart. We must find our own path 
ultimately for each history is unique and yet there are general 
truths and we are each capable of holding the light for our fellow 


The treasures of love – value beyond the wisdom of a thousand holy men.


From the clarity of compassion, the truth of kindness shines. 
Empathy becomes the judge. All jurors swear a sympathetic edge.
Such luminous simplicity in a dirty complex age. Love, not religion, 
the only force, the soul source, of hallowed wisdom’s page.