- Building Character

Founder's Hall ImageTolerance, empathy, compassion, respect, courage, fairness, creative conflict resolution, a sense of morality, these qualities plus individuality are part of good character. How do we foster the intellectual and emotional decision making processes that nurture the development of ‘character’? How is character connected to environmental issues? Social Justice issues? How to survive in an increasingly militarized, corporate, environmentally compromised world?

How to nurture all the heroes the world needs now?

In the face of violent news, films, games and greed we must build strength of character to face modern dilemmas.

The word ‘character’ has its roots in the Greek word ‘kharikter’ or ‘kharakter’ meaning a stamping or engraving tool. It has come to us from Greek through Latin, Old French and Middle English. It holds meanings such as distinctive, essential quality, written symbol, nature, temperament / personality.

A character is a person in a novel, play or film.

Building Character: LightsBecome a character to understand character.

Through roleplay and discussion explore behavior, motives, decisions and actions that lead to good or bad character.

Be in character,
out of character,
build character.

Drawing on activities and scenes from Fair Play Works workshops on peace, environment, social justice and Shakespearean plays participants explore defining aspects of character and the universal building blocks to good character.

Originally researched and created for The Avon Maitland District School Board Professional Development program.