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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010


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If Wal-mart actually built a “Store of the Community” in Stratford, as they promised in a May 2005 flyer, what would this ‘Stratford’ store look like? Add your ideas on the blog.


  1. Neil Herman

    Just a few coments on Wal Mart.For myself it makes no difference if Stratford gets one or not as I can be at one out of town in minutes. What I have a hard time understanding is how a Wal-Mart will affect the downtown. I have lived in Stratford for close to fourty years and in that time neither myself or any of the people we associate with have ever made a habit of shopping downtown Stratford. The reason? The downtown is a tourist oriented group of stores offering very little in the way of product for the avrage working family at a resonable price. The few times I have gone downtown parking is hard to find and you have to be constantly aware of your ime on the meter or wind up paying a fine. Sorry, but if the downtown wants my business they will have to sell product I use regularly at a reasonable price without my having to stuggle to find a parking place I have to pay for. Wal Mart or no Wal Mart the downtown is so tourist oriented that average local people simply do not fit into the mix

  2. MJ Thomson

    Comments from many locals indicate that they already travel somewhere else to shop at Wal Mart, so the reality becomes that they are shopping for other products in another communities as well.
    The reality for most shoppers is that they tend to shop in the same area for most of the goods they purchase each week, including groceries, sundry items, clothing and and household products they require. There is currently a strong shopping area in the east end of Stratford (businesses that pay considerable taxes in this community to do so), anchored by Festival Marketplace, Zellers, Zehrs and the various other retailers. Adding Wal Mart to this mix will certainly strengthen the “Shop Local” attitude and stem some of the shopping currently migrating to the larger centres both east and south west of Stratford.
    It has been incredibly shortsighted of this community to think that the shopping habits of the average consumer will change because the city wants to locate Wal Mart to a different area in the west end. In addition, the current shopping district will weaken as a result, and neither will affect the tourist driven shopping in the downtown core. This will also encourage shoppers to migrate to the larger centres where the selection is larger and also in one area.

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