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Have We Forgotten? The Hope Project 2007

Hope ProjectAwarded a Canada Council Grant through Hermione Presents, this collaborative, inter-arts, intergenerational, community arts exploration project utilized experiential activities, integrated arts and shared communication to plant seeds for change in attitudes and awareness about war and peace. WW1, the dawn of technological nightmare warfare was to be “the war to end all war’. The 90th anniversary of Canada’s pivotal battle at Vimy Ridge was a springboard to begin the journey.

Myfanwy Ashmore: Media Artist
Christina Gordon: Singer/Dancer/Actor/Choreographer
Neesa Kenemy: Dancer/Choreographer/Magician
Charlene Nafziger: Pianist/Composer
Eileen Smith: Singer/Actor/Producer
Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick: Photographer/Dancer/Writer/Magician
The six artists explored issues of war and peace with students, teachers, veterans, conscientious objectors, other artists and community members on a journey towards change that culminated in a moving public presentation.

For more information, photos of the journey, video clips of interviews and audio of song ‘Angels Beat Your Wings Divine’: http://www.hermione-presents.com/hope_project/hope_project.htm


The Fight Master: A Documentary about Paddy Crean

Filmmakers; Elisabeth Feryn and Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick
Editor: Joe Weedick and Alan Gough
Thanks to all the fight directors and actors who gave interviews.

Paddy Crean MemorabiliaYoung when the world of film making was young, Paddy, as he was affectionately known, lived in this wild new era as actor, swashbuckler and fight director. His life story is intertwined with the history of film and theatre in the twentieth century; his life threads woven with memories of Lawrence Olivier, John Gielgud, Alec Guiness, Douglas Fairbanks and Audrey Hepburn among many others and of course Errol Flynn for whom he was fight choreographer and fight double. His memories lead us on a journey from the elegance of the Edwardian era of pre-World War One London through Ireland, Italy and finally to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada where in 1962 he took on the duties of fencing master and fight director.

The rich tapestry of Paddy’s past is intertwined with his reminiscences filmed at his home in 1998 and at The International Paddy Crean Stage Combat Workshop in Banff in 1999. The beautiful ballads ‘Salute The Fencing Master’ and ‘Paddy’s Army’ by Cedric Smith provide the musical score. A vivid portrait of the man in his own words is enriched with stories and memories of those who knew him both fight directors and actors.

Paddy embodied a delightful sensibility almost lost in this era. This version of the documentary and a future version that includes episodes from his autobiography ‘More Champagne Darling’ serve to honor this extraordinary man when it could be too easy for the world to forget him.

A promotional clip of the documentary can be viewed here


Raining Sawdust 2006 Raining Sawdust SliceRaining Sawdust DisconnectRaining Sawdust Dryad






A plea for TREE PROTECTION LAWS on public and private land and to recognize the importance of caring for urban forests.

The response to the cutting down of a beautiful healthy tree just beyond the fence of our garden began with the photographic documentation of the felling and the writing of a long poem. This poem was written on a floor cloth in the shape of roots in a cross. On the floor cloth sat the severed limb of a tree floating on a saw blade. Amazingly, when the installation was in the gallery, the severed limbed sprouted leaves and poignantly, began to grow. A canvas with photos of the tree being cut down was also displayed.

Children With TreeRaining SawdustWitness







We need to create new earth saving mythologies by returning to ancient concepts that recognized the sacredness of the life force. Native philosophy included care, respect and thanks to the life of a tree when it was sacrificed.

Without trees we would not have the pulp, paper and power to build and keep our societies running. But to cut a healthy tree integral to the health of our city should be a crime. The ancients recognized the life force in trees as Dryads or Tree Nymphs.

My Roots Are Showing.


On the Line 2007

On The LineGreen GrinOn The Line 2

Root Myth






This is a beginning photographic exploration of the intimate and infinite relationship between trees and water and a visual depiction of the elements. Included in the exhibit were two books of related poems by the artist.

Mother Nature at the tipping point. Our choice garden or devastation. Through word, image and concept I continue an artistic exploration of nature and the elemental forces centered mainly on trees and water. With older beliefs in mind, I seek new earth protecting visions.

wonder if
everything is
every atom
every cell

aware and watching


-Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick

Elements Display


Cut it Pulp it Print it Throw it Away 2007

Cut It


Paper, wire, wood and words

Evolved from the frustration of watching piles of advertising flyers grow, knowing millions of trees being sacrificed to feed consumerism.







cut it
pulp it
print it
throw it away

cut it
pulp it
print it
throw it away

cut it
pulp it
print it
throw it away

water’s deep rooted
aqueous channeled
leafy canopied
life partner
sacred tree spirit,

  -Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick

The poem was composed for ‘Water Works’ a workshop on water issues that utilized dance and visual art to teach science.