- The First World War

Created in conjunction with Peggy Coffey.

SoldierA PARTICIPATORY DRAMA WORKSHOP… designed for students to discover Canada’s journey through WWI in a direct experiential way as they witness what life was life in this era from a dramatic perspective.  The programme utilizes storytelling, dramatic readings, role play, costume pieces, artifacts and a four part ‘War Album’ to bring this important period of Canada’s history to life not only from an historical and political perspective, but on a very personal and human level.

The programme is based on the Grade 8 History Curriculum – Canada: A Changing Society but is effective for any group wanting to understand the broad sweeping forces that shaped our country and the world between 1914 and 1918 and yet experience it from the perspective of individual lives.

World War I Workshop The workshop is an important tool which enables the participants to understand Canada’s crucial role during WWI, foster pride in the accomplishments of our troops during the ‘great war’ and yet be aware of the terrible realities of that warfare.

The workshop provides a visceral understanding of the relevance of Remembrance Day to a generation of students who have little awareness of the significance of WWI and insures that the influence of our past remains in clear focus.  This is important as WWI caused a cataclysm of changes socially, politically, artistically and psychologically that still affect the world today.

For more information about this workshop or to enquire about booking, please contact Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick via the Contact Page.

World War I workshopWorld War I WorkshopWorld War I Workshop

World War I WorkshopWorld War I WorkshopWorld War I Workshop






Photos of the workshop taken by Irene Miller at the Canada Council Grant Project “Have We Forgotten?: The Hope Project. Photo of Lesley taken by Richard Fitzpatrick.

Foundation for EducationMade possible through the Foundation for Enriching Education Perth-Huron.