- Personal Poetry

what would William think
what would William feel
to be plucked
from the past,
deposited here,
dreer present
of ever darkening tears?

Morris, Blake, Shakespeare
not bloody much,
I fear

Morris would die in dread
beauty’s balance in the red
violent time
of compassion,

Blake would recognize
the blighted imbalance,
even purgatory
by hell

Shakespeare would be stricken
by a trillion tragic tears,
to write
of ever increasing
blind, vicious,
profit driven deeds

dear William
haunt the edges
of my dreams,
another aching soul
who cries to see
the mordor monster
poison life’s
pure streams
my fate,
burning for truth
in a vicious
dark age

let my soul mates be
brothers and sisters
of compassionate heart
across time,
across borders,
across seas
seeking love,
not hate
of a Utopian state

dear William
how you would mourn
how you would rage;
your singing
inspirational soul,
to see how dirty the road
further down
the industrial age

–Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick


in order to accept
the one

you must embrace
the many

only then
can you move
beyond the duality

–Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick


I’ll let the moon
lay upon my brow

she sits smoothly there
round sphere,
golden circlet
crescent and full

the godly ones

the story
I must tell
about the ancient goddess
ah winged one

–Lesley Walker-Fiitzpatrick


I am
fleeing from Christianity
flying from religion

save me
God with Goddess
from the rage
and death
of enforced belief

give me instead
the singing brook
the dancing foot
stars swirling overhead

a forest,
vital and profound
to sooth my spirit
give breath my soul

–Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick