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O O O OH Ba Ma OOO OH Yeah!

Congratulations to the United States for choosing this inspiring leader. 


The current 26 minute version of ‘The Fight Master: A Documentary About Paddy Crean’ by Elisabeth Feryn and Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick was shown at the Paddy Crean ‘Art of the Sword’ Workshop in Banff, Alberta this January. You can view a short clip of this film on this website. Go to Visual Art – Multimedia – scroll to second item in this section.


PLEASE HAVE A LISTEN TO THIS TIMELY SONG. The song needs to fly. It can be found by clicking on ‘Poetry – lyrics’ on this website then scrolling to the bottom of that page and clicking on  ’Listen to the song here’. It was created during work on the Canada Council Grant ‘Have We Forgotten? The Hope Project’ through ‘Hermione Presents’ that marked the 90th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge April 1917 – 2007.

The lyrics come from a longer poem written in the anguish I felt in March 2003 at the beginning of the Iraq war. The music was composed by Charlene Nafziger. It is sung by students who participated with the artists on this grant project. This audio clip is rough but heartfelt.

See more about the grant project under ‘Visual Art – Multimedia’ and by visiting

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Increasing urban sprawl is threatening the unique character of Stratford and the future viability of the downtown core. The City of Stratford has developed a sound plan to protect the downtown core by directing large future commercial developments to the West end of the city and away from the East end which is already heavily commercialized. Walmart is not respecting Stratford’s Official Plan. The City has been forced to defend the Official Plan at the OMB. The hearings start January 21, 2009. I am a citizen participant defending Stratford’s right to determine future growth and development.



I knew a woman...Richard performing his one man play about Pulitzer winning poet Theodore Roethke at Saginaw Valley State University on Nov. 12, 2008. We arrived at the theatre on Nov. 10th with a staged reading and by the evening of Nov. 12th had a play. I was privileged and honored to be director. In the audience that night was William Heyen who wrote:

“Richard Fitzpatrick’s moving and memorable tribute to Theodore Roethke is stunning–honed, honest, balanced, inspired, the work of a great actor who understands a great poet with all his heart and mind.”                                  

William Heyen, author of Shoah Train, National Book Award Finalist for Poetry



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Richard Returning As Roethke To Saginaw In November, 2008

Richard will be performing ‘Roethke and Me: Conjuring The Garden Master’ on the stage at Saginaw Valley State University for the Centennial Celebration of Theodore Roethke. Details to follow.

Richard’s Performance at SVSU March, 2008

Richard’s performance of his one man show ‘Roethke and Me: Conjuring The Garden Master’ was a great success. The performance was filmed, poetry was read over Roethke’s grave and Roethke’s favorite watering hole was visited. Thanks again to Linda Farynk.

“Fitzpatrick is the muscle and nerves of poet/teacher Theodore Roethke, skillfully integrating his many complex parts to present The Man, whole. Captivated by the poems since young manhood, he has arrived at a mature reading that rings true – and the impact is stunning.”

Maxine Harris, River Junction Poets

Richard as Roethke

OCAD FAB.ulous Exhibit

Alex Fitzpatrick OCADFAB.ulous

March, 2008
Juried exhibit in The Great Hall, OCAD

Sculpture by Alex Fitzpatrick

New Play Announcement

By Jean F. McLellan (Walker)

A pre-quel to William Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish Play’

A Tale of Revenge
The three witches on the heath? Wise women.


O’er braes a’ wet wi’ winter wynd
Three sisters cam tae plot and scheme
Revenge oan man, indifferent aye tae women’s plight
Wi’ subtletie tae mould his thoughts, invade his dreams.
A soldier thickened by the constant weal
O’ bash and clash and dreams o’ power.
Still ambition’s whispered lure has influence,
Resolve, instilled by wifely hopes
That conscience fail to storm redoubt of loyalty.
He resolves to do her wicked bidding
Though fealty sworn; wi’ bloodied hands
Would place a stolen crown upon his head
Assuring he unquiet forever sleeps.

For information about this original and innovative play -

please contact Maya Fair.