Topic: Featured Photography

ALGONQUIN ART 2011 ‘Being Sky’

‘Being Sky’ is also a visual representation of my belief that Nature is aware and truly a living force.

The conscious cloud is powerful and will eventually fall to earth in the life-giving water cycle.


Prints in the Lion series. Creative collaboration with Edmund Soame.

Original lion photo by Gene Anderson.

Limited edition archival prints available. See ‘ONE BONE’ under writings.


Creative Collaboration with photographer Edmund Soame


New print available from MayaFair.

Archival limited edition prints available.

Also prints on canvas in a number of sizes.

Creative collaboration with photographer Edmund Soame.

In his dear memory.

Many lovely days spent in his studio

and especially his magical garden.


“His (the lion’s) hypnotic eyes held me motionless in a prison of golden energy. Beams of charged light ricocheted between us increasing in strength until they appeared solid. I was held in thrall.” excerpt from ‘One Bone’ see under Poetry and Writing.

RURAL ROOTS Gallery 96 BLYTH THEATRE Bainton Gallery


Created for the Gallery 96 Rural Roots show on display at the Bainton Gallery of The Blyth Theatre. Photographs printed on canvas, stitched onto canvas to create an ‘art quilt’. Based on the four elements. Catch the show in Blyth till mid- September then in Stratford Sat. Sept. 26 to Oct. 11 at O’Brien Farm #4264, Line 36.

fire, water, earth, air


This is one of the pieces from my work in Gallery 96′s ‘Manipulate This’ show in which my work marked the 90th anniversary of the end of WW1. It is from a series called ‘Violent Addictions’ that use poppies as a background and concept for the created image.









POLAROIDS: Memory Magic

I have been exploring years and boxes of polaroids through the use of a new scanner. Much future work will evolve from this past work.










This is one of my Algonquin series.


Shrouded Poppy

I have been out exploring what this year’s poppies have to show us and am excited by some of the new ‘characters’ in 2008, the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Kate’s Honeymoon

Poppy Electronic Collage Work In Progress


One of my Poppy Images for Peace in the collection ‘Catch The Torch’ Gallery 96 show ‘Manipulate This’.