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Saturday, March 15th, 2008

New Play Announcement

By Jean F. McLellan (Walker)

A pre-quel to William Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish Play’

A Tale of Revenge
The three witches on the heath? Wise women.


O’er braes a’ wet wi’ winter wynd
Three sisters cam tae plot and scheme
Revenge oan man, indifferent aye tae women’s plight
Wi’ subtletie tae mould his thoughts, invade his dreams.
A soldier thickened by the constant weal
O’ bash and clash and dreams o’ power.
Still ambition’s whispered lure has influence,
Resolve, instilled by wifely hopes
That conscience fail to storm redoubt of loyalty.
He resolves to do her wicked bidding
Though fealty sworn; wi’ bloodied hands
Would place a stolen crown upon his head
Assuring he unquiet forever sleeps.

For information about this original and innovative play -

please contact Maya Fair.

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